About Us

Our line of products is not big, yet very diversified. What differentiates us from our colleagues at other wine shops is our knowledge and experience to make wines from sources other than wine kits.

We make great wines from Californian grapes (fresh or frozen); these wines are distinctly different from “kit” wines.

What makes us famous is another distinct product from our line: Ice Wine, but not from the wine kit. We have our special recipe for this famous dessert wine, which makes our Ice Wine very rich in flavour and has a memorable aroma you cannot get from a kit!

Who we are

Chateau Vino Wine Cellar is a company that helps its customers make their own wine. We practically do all the wine work from the initial fermentation ending with filtration.

The customer’s role is only to choose which types of wine they want, pinch the yeast in the grape juice, and bottle their wine. The bottling process is fully modernized and effortless and lasts approximately 15min.

Since 1994

Your BC local wine maker!

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